The Pug is not only Fawn or Black coloured!

The Pug exists in many different colours and Patterns.


We do not have a regular pug breeding but we are commited to the coloured pug breeding. That's why we get sweet, colorful pugs regularly.



Our pug puppies can be born with the following colours: 



  • Fawn
  • Sable
  • Apricot
  • Black
  • Black and Tan
  • Platinum (Silver)
  • Brindle in all variations
  • Blue in all variations (also with Tan)
  • Choco in all variations (also with Tan)
  • Merle in all variations (also with Tan)
  • White in all variations (also blue eyes)
  • Pied in all variations (also with Tan)


Our pug puppies can be sold and shipped internationally!

We have all our pugs DNA-tested by Loboklin. Of course you get a copy of the test when you get your puppy.  

Fawn with black mask



The most common PUG COLOUR:






Stonegrey is an old Colour (greyish-fawn fur) with black mask.


Apricot with black mask



An old colour with variations in colour. The fur can be lighter or darker and the colour always comes with a black mask.


Red Fawn 

Red Fawn 


Very dark, reddish colour.


Apricot Sable

Apricot Sable


It is a very rare and beautiful colour. These pugs have a very dark apricot fur with Black in it.


Sable  with or without Tan Markings



A very beautiful and noble colour. These pugs always have a grey/black back.






White Pugs are snow-white. In very rare cases the dorsal stripe and the ears are apricot coloured.


White- Apricot




White-Apricot isn't totally white. They look like they are covered in a light apricot layer. They do have apricot coloured ears and their muzzles are black or leather coloured.






These pugs are covered in gold dust. Their noses are mostly leather coloured.





As puppies they are nearly grey, but they lose the grey as they grow up. Silver-white pugs are having a cold white colour and are strongly pigmented.

THey always have a black muzzle.



White with blue eyes

White with blue eyes


There are also white pugs with strong blue eyes. They can have one or both eyes coloured blue.




A rare colour. The grey colour stays grey - even when they are adults. 

Black with or without markings



Black pugs are pretty common.


They do have white markings on their chest or are solid black.


Seal with or without markings



Seal is a lightened black.

These pugs do have choco-brown fur and they can have white markings.


Black and Tan

Black and Tan


Black and Tan is one of the most beautiful colours. It is black with light Tan markings.

It's a real rarity and we are one of only a few who own and breed BLack and Tan pugs in Germany.



Platinum with or witout markings



Platinum is born when one of the parents is white or a white carrier. These pugs also have white markings.



Silvergrey with and without markings



Silvergrey is born when the parents are fawn and black coloured. They can have markings on their chest. 


Choco with or without markings



These sweet pugs can have a light to dark brown colour.

Choco Fawn

Choco Fawn


They do have to have a brown nose, amber coloured eyes and a brown muzzle.

Sie müssen eine braune Nase haben, bernsteinfarbene Augen und die Maske ist auch braun.

Choco and  Tan

Choco and Tan


It's the same as the Black and Tan colours but they have a choco colour with light markings. 



Dark Brindle

Dark Brindle


Black dogs with light brindled markings. The head is often dark without the brindled markings. 

These pugs can also have white chest markinkgs.


Reverse Brindle

Reverse Brindle


Fawn coloured pugs with dark brindled markings.

These pugs do have a black muzzle and dark ears.


Apricot  Reverse Brindle

Apriocot Reverse Brindle


Apricot coloured pugs with dark brindled markings.

Silver Reverse Brindle

Silber Reverse Brindle


Silver with dark brindled markings.


Schecken / Pied 


Pied pugs are very old pugs and are  really special. 




Merle isn't a real colours. It's a pied, brightening gene.

There are fawn, merle, red and blue merle pugs. They also can have Tan markings.


We got a few of these photos from our dog breeding colleagues. Thank you ver much!