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 Colour pug kennel  "vom Meran des bayerischen Waldes"



We – Familie Gaschler- are living with our animals in the beautiful Bavarian Forest. Surrounded by hills and old forests the health resort ‘Schönberg’ is located – also called the ‘Merano of the Bavarian Forest.’ In other words: Our cattery name means nothing less than ‘Schönberg’. We really love all of our animals, especially our pugs.


It all began in the year 2008, when Manuel’s wish of an own pug became true. A young, beige male pug named Hugo moved in with us. Now we were proud pug owners. Three weeks later Manuel’s beloved female pug Nagini moved in with us too. She’s the pug one could wish for.

Afterwards we decided to breed pugs on our own and familiarized ourselves step by step with the matter. After some research we realized that the ‘average pug’ isn’t the healthy dog he used to be. That’s why we came to the decision to breed the pug how he used to be in the years 1850-1950:


A pug with a ‘normal’ dog’s snout, long-legged, a slender physique and in long lost colours – simply said: Old German pugs.


What’s really important to us that our pugs keep their typical character traits. The pug is a little clown and also a cheerful soul. We can’t really imagine our lives without our pugs and want to share our know-how and experiences with our dogs.


We’ve already made a name for ourselves in Bavaria, Germany and even internationally.

                       Comparison of the head 1927 and 2003


We made the decision to join the breeding

In the beginning of 2010 our first Meran puppies were born. It was a great experience to give the little ones a good start into their lives.

Our little puppies are all getting full examinations, which are far above the usual standard. We as breeders want to improve the pug breed and ensure a healthy start to life for all our newborns.

There are also other animals living with us:

Our pugs are used to other animals. It is no problem to give one of our puppies to a household with other animals. They do love animals as much as we do and they even help us to raise other animal babies, because we sometimes raise abandoned wild animals.

   We hope we could give you an insight into our work and we wish you a lot of fun browsing through our site and maybe you will find your next family member here!


Gaschler Family and the Pugs vom Meran des Bayerischen Waldes