Our Male

Bartholomäus vom Meran des bayerischen Waldes, the prince of the Pack

Bartholomäus vom Meran des bayerischen Waldes 


color: Sable brindle carrier blue and tan



  • free from PRA 
  • No patella luxation
  • no heart diseases
  • free from ectropium or an entropium 


     Bartholomäus is unrestricted fit for breeding.

He passed the ZTP with perfect results.


Bartholomäus is the prince of the pack. He is also a really well-behaved dog and a little heartbreaker. Our females adore him and he is also born under our roof. He is Sable brindle ,has a beautiful snout and nose; his eyes are well 'embedded'.


Bartholomäus can service your healthy female too. For more information, please contact us.